Transport of Children and School Outings

Inosscan is ideal for when you're resposible for children and require a simple method of determining that you have them all back safe and sound.

Inosscan is a vital tool when you're required to keep a record of the Safe Transport of Children.

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Sailing Regattas

When children go out onto the water, you need to know that you have them all back safe.

Cross checking printed sheets is too slow when you could have a child in trouble.

Web sign on/off water is no substitute for sailors having to physically show up to sign off.

Inosscan is perfect for the task and waterproof NFC tags work perfectly in this environment.

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Tourist Operators

You need a simple way to keep track of everyone when they're on and off the bus all day.

Whether you're running a multi day tour or a one off activity, Inosscan will make it easy for you to keep everyone in check.

Boat Trips

Whilst it's common place to check people onto a boat, few operators check them off again.

It's your obligation to bring everyone back safely and Inosscan makes it easy to ensure you have.

Dive Trips

Too many people have been left on site after a dive trip.

Inosscan makes it easy for you to ensure that never happens again.

Bus trips

Check people on and off the bus at each stage of your trip. You'll always know who you have and who you're waiting for.

Inosscan is great for outings with the elderly.

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Perfect for all types of events and activities

Ditch the paper participant lists and tick sheets. Inosscan keeps track of everything and all information is available to everyone you invite into your Inosscan account.

When you're responsible for the people involved in an event, you need a simple way to determine that you have everyone back safe. This is particularly important when you are responsible for other people's children.

Inosscan automatically keeps an activity log as people scan, no need for paper records or tick sheets to keep track of who you have and who is missing.

When something goes wrong and people need to be found, it doesn't matter whether you're at fault or not, the Authorities will be very demanding of you about identifying who they have to go out and search for. This is another situation where Inosscan comes to your rescue.

A few examples for using Inosscan have been shown here, the uses for Inosscan are endless.

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