Download QR Codes

Generate unique QR Codes for all the people in your event and download them as a PDF.

Print to sticky labels for use as name tags.

Send QR Codes to phones

Send QR Codes to the phones of the people participating in your event.

People present the QR Code directly on their phone when they check-in.

Inosscan can send QR Codes to people via SMS and/or email.

QR Codes on sticky labels

With Inosscan, you can download a PDF of QR Codes for all the people participating in your event.

This PDF is formatted for printing onto sticky labels.

Stick the labels onto shirts for scanning at check-in and check-out. They also serve a name tag.

QR Codes are easy to scan

Open the scanner and bring a QR Code into view. It's that easy.

You can scan as many QR Codes as you like once you've opened the QR Code scanner.

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QR Codes & Inosscan

QR Codes are an easy way to get started on Inosscan. You can send them to people or print them on sticky labels.

Each person gets their own QR Code so they are uniquely identifiable by Inosscan.

NFC Tags are more robust and better for repeated use and use in harsh environments. QR Codes cost nothing and get you up an running with Inosscan

Scanning a QR Code

No need for special hardware, it's all done on your phone in Inosscan.

Open the QR Code Scanner in Inosscan. This uses the phone's camera.

Bring the QR Code into the camera's view and wait for it to be read. Inosscan will record the check-in or check-out.

Scan as many QR Codes as you need, each one right after the other.


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