Inosscan: Essential For When Something Goes Wrong

Inosscan: Essential For When Something Goes Wrong

When something goes wrong and people need to be found, it doesn't matter whether you're at fault or not, the Authorities will be very demanding of you about identifying who they have to go out and search for.

You could be organising for a sporting club, tourism business or any other organisation. Regardless of the type of organisation, someone is responsible for knowing who was involved and you better have the records when asked for them.

You take on a huge resposibility when you're the organiser of an event or activity, even more so when that event or activity is a risky one. You need to ensure you're covered for when things go wrong. This means having all the right policies and procedures in place, and an up to date record of who is still participating and who has returned safely. This is where Inosscan comes to your rescue.

Inosscan makes it easy to know, in real time, who signed up, who went out and who is back. With Inosscan you use your mobile device to scan people into your activity and scan them out when they return. Everyone's status is kept up to date online so everyone in your team can see the status of all the participants in your activity.

Inosscan provides the choice of QR Codes or NFC Tags for use by each individual to scan in and out of your activity. Which one you use depends on you. We recommend NFC Tags for water sports and QR Codes on sticky labels for other suitable activities.

Inosscan is really easy to use:

  • Create your event
  • Import the people who are participating
  • Print QR codes or allocate NFC tags
  • Scan people in and out of your event
  • All done, and the records are kept for future reference

Inosscan might just save you one day. The cost of Inosscan is so low, and it's so easy to use there's just no reason you shouldn't be using it.

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