Why Responsible Tourist Operations are using Inosscan

Why Responsible Tourist Operations are using Inosscan

You have 30, 40 or more tourists participating in your activity every day, or maybe several times a day. Everything is great until something goes wrong. Then, when you're working with some very pushy authority figures you need to be sure who went out, who you have back so far, and who you're waiting for. That's where Inosscan saves the day - and maybe your business.

Inosscan makes it easy to know, in real time, who signed up, who went out and who is back. With Inosscan you use your mobile device to scan people into your activity and scan them out when they return. Everyone's status is kept up to date so everyone in your team can see the status of all the participants in your activity.

Inosscan provides the choice of QR Codes or NFC Tags for use by each individual to scan in and out of your activity. Which one you use depends on you. We recommend NFC Tags for water sports and QR Codes on sticky labels for other suitable activities.

Here's how it works:

  1. Ease of Use: Provide each participant with a unique NFC tag or wristband. These are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. Alternatively, QR codes can be generated and printed on lanyards or sticky labels.
  2. Efficient Check-ins and Check-outs: As people join your activity, your team scan their NFC tag or QR code using Inosscan on their mobile device. The same process is repeated when leaving your activity.
  3. Scan multiple times: People can be scanned in and out of your event multiple time. You can even scan them in and out of multiple events should your activity be broken down into parts. An example is: transport to, then your activity, then transport from.
  4. Always up to date: Inosscan is always up to date with the status of all participants no matter who scanned them last. Your device always shows the current status of all people who are participating in your activity.
  5. Record Keeping: All scans are logged within Inosscan, creating a reliable record of each activity. This data is invaluable when something goes wrong. You instantly know who's where and can report that to the Authorities.
  6. Enhances Communication: Coordinating between staff is simplified as everyone has access to real-time information. Whether they're in the field or in the office, communication is seamless.
  7. Personalized Experience: With less time spent on manual headcounts and roll calls, staff have more time to interact with participants, ensuring a more enjoyable and personalized outing experience.
  8. Peace of Mind: Knowing that no participant will be accidentally left behind provides peace of mind to everyone involved.

Inosscan might just save your business one day. The cost of Inosscan is so low there's just no reason you shouldn't be using it.

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