Inosscan Hardware Options

Most Android phones have an NFC reader built in and all iPhones since the iPhone 7 are able to read NFC tags.

Any Android or iOS device with a camera can read QR codes.

The Android version of Inosscan allows for the use of an external wireless Bluetooth scanner (coming on iOS). This can be used with a phone to enable remote scanning. It can also be used with an small tablet to create a scanning station which can be located in a convenient place for your competitors.

A scanning station could be placed in the event briefing room or registration desk. A sailing event, for example, could place a scanning station in setup areas like a rigging area or on the dock competitors leave from. The images below show examples of using a scanning station in the event briefing and registration room and on the dock for a sailing event.

Inosscan scanning station in breifing room

Briefing room

Inosscan scanning station on marina dock

On the dock

The Android version of Inosscan has a "Scan monitor" screen for scanning station use. The device PIN or Biometric security is required to exit the Scan monitor screen to ensure the public can't manage your Inosscan event. Turn on the "Start app on scan monitor" device setting to load Inosscan on the scan monitor screen and maintain app security.