Getting Started


('In' 'O'ut 'S'afe 'Scan')

Inosscan makes it easy to ensure you have everyone back safe from an event or activity

People scan at the beginning of your event and scan again when they come back. You always know how many people you are waiting to come back. Of course, they can also scan multiple times during your event.

All you need is a phone:

  1. Add your people
  2. Create your event
  3. Start scanning

Ideal for:

  • Bus trips
  • Boat rides
  • School outings
  • Water sports
  • Walking and running events
  • Outings with the elderly
  • or any other activity where you need to ensure everyone has returned safely

Scan using any combination of:

  • NFC tags
  • QR codes
  • Scan link URLs

NFC tags come in various forms including wrist bands, discs and stickers.

QR codes are assigned to an individual and can be shown on a mobile device or printed on stickers or badges

Links can be sent to your event participants which allow them to scan using their mobile device.


How scanning with inosscan works

It takes 2 scans to show that a person is safely back from their activity, they scan when they start and scan again when they finish.

We call these scans the "first scan" and the "second scan". A scan is incomplete when there is a first scan without an associated second scan for a person.

The account settings in the app allow you to choose what these scans are called so they make sense for the way you are using the app.

The defaults are:

  • First scan: scan on
  • Second scan: scan off
  • After a first scan the person is: on track

These can be changed to whatever is needed.

If you're running a bus trip, you'll need to know who is on the bus when you start your trip and ensure you have them all back on the bus for the return journey. In this case they "scan on" and "scan off" the bus and after they scan on they are "on the bus".

If you're running a swimming event, you need to know who's in the water and and who is safely back on dry land. In this case they "scan in" and "scan out" of the water and after they scan in they are "in the water".


Events and sessions

Inosscan uses events and sessions to organise scans.

An event can be used with or without sessions:

  • A one off event, starts and completes in one sitting doesn't require sessions.
  • An event that continues over several Saturdays should use sessions. Create the event and add a session for each week the event runs.


The home or "Today" screen

The today screen lists the events and sessions that are current today.



  • The Events tab allows you the manage your events
  • The More tab is where you go to manage everything else you can do with the app



  • People - Manage the people participating in your events
  • Tags - Manage the NFC tags being used by your account
  • Messages - View the messages sent to your event participants from the app from your account
  • Incomplete Scans - View and mange the scans where there is a first scan without a second scan for all the events and sessions in your account
  • User profile - Manage your user profile
  • Create your own free account - Create your own account, or create another account
  • User management - View and manage the users in your account. You can also invite new users from here
  • Account settings - View and manage your account settings
  • About - About this app including how to get support


Running an event

First add your people

Add people and include their contact details should you want to be able to send the reminders, QR codes or scan links.



When editing a person you will see their scans and whether they have any incomplete scans.

A tag can be assigned to a person by scanning it, tap the scan icon to initiate the scan, from the person's page. An option will be presented for assigning the tag to the person.

You will be able to scan anytime you see the tag scan or QR scan icons and the icons are not grayed out


The event page


The event page contains the latest information about the event. It shows at a glance how many people have first scanned and how many people have second scanned.

Scans are listed below the event details with the "incomplete" scans shown at the top of the list.

A message bubble is shown on scans for people who have been sent second scan links. The colour indicates the response state. Amber - no response, green - responded (second scan completed)

A person can be manually scanned off by long tapping on their first scan listing.

A tap on any scan will take you to the associated person's record where you can manage their details or send them a message.

The event detail menu is populated based on the current state of the event and the privileges of the logged in user.

  • Event options - See section below
  • Show event participants - View and manage the people who have been added to the event
  • View messages - View the messages associated with the event. The detail of scan link messages will show whether a link has been clicked on
  • Send QR Codes - Send individual QR codes to the participants of the event
  • Send scan on reminders - Send first scan reminders to event participants who haven't first scanned
  • Send scan on links - Send first scan links to event participants who haven't first scanned
  • Send scan off links - Send second scan links to event participants who have first scanned and haven't yet second scanned
  • Archive event - Hide the event from the event listing screen. A menu item on the event listing screen allows you to show all archived events


Event options


  • Use external tag reader if available - Applies to the Android app only, for now. Allows the use of a remote tag scanner
  • Add participant at scan on - People will be added as participants in the event when they first scan. This only applies to people who already have been allocated an NFC tag or QR code
  • Enable send first scan links - Allowing people to first scan using first scan links is the least safe way to use the app as people can first scan without being present at the site you're running the event. This option allows you to disable this feature for the event


Tap a scanner icon to scan a tag or QR code. The following is an example of scanning an NFC tag:



Note that a second scan can be accepted after the end time of an event, a first scan cannot.