Inosscan: The Perfect Solution for Tracking Who’s on Water at a Sailing Regatta

Inosscan: The Perfect Solution for Tracking Who’s on Water at a Sailing Regatta

A sailing regatta is a spectacle of discipline, strategy, and skill. Governed by a set of Sailing Instructions, it's imperative for the Race Committee to ensure the safety of participants by meticulously tracking who is on water. The process of signing on and off water is crucial, and this is where Inosscan shines.

Inosscan, with its robust multi-user capability, allows the Race Committee to stay updated in real-time on who’s on water, ensuring a seamless start to each racing day. Utilizing NFC Tags, a waterproof and versatile scanning technology, individuals can be scanned on and off water at various rigging sites. Whether it's epoxy disks attached to clothing or silicon wristbands, NFC Tags endure the aquatic environment of a regatta.

Most small dinghy regattas have multiple rigging sites. This necessitates a decentralized process for scanning on and off water. Individuals are assigned to each site to handle the scanning, ensuring everyone is accounted for before they set sail. These individuals could be parents or members of the Race Committee - anyone with a mobile device. Additionally, a central scanning station in the Regatta Office serves as a focal point for monitoring and coordination.

Inosscan’s technology isn’t just a tool, but a guardian ensuring that the spirit of competition is upheld without compromising on safety. Its adoption reflects a forward-thinking approach, ensuring that the Race Committee, whether on shore or water, has accurate information on participants’ whereabouts. This systematic approach to tracking aligns perfectly with the structured essence of sailing regattas, propelling the event smoothly from the calm of preparation to the thrill of competition.

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