Scanning in Inosscan - Scan methods

What is a scan in Inosscan?

A scan in Inosscan are actually a pair of scans, a first scan and second scan. Once a person does a first scan they are active on an event, after the second scan they're safely finished.

A scan is called incomplete when there is a first scan without a second scan. A person is considered to be still participating in your event until they complete their scan.

A person can scan multiple times during an event or session.

Scanning methods

Inosscan allows for three different ways for your event participants to scan:

  • NFC Tags
  • QR Codes
  • Scan links

NFC Tags

NFC tags are the best option for scanning on Inosscan, they come in all shapes and sizes from single use disposable wristbands to epoxy tags and key rings to durable silicon rubber wristbands.

Inosscan offers these for sale on our website or you can purchase compatible NFC tags from various suppliers world wide.

QR Codes

Inosscan uses unique QR codes for each person in each account. This way each person has to present their QR code when scanning

QR Codes for Inosscan are sent to people via SMS or email, or they can be exported to a CSV file which can be imported into software, microsoft Word for example, for printing onto stickers or badges.

QR Codes sent to individuals can be presented to Inosscan scanners using each individual's mobile device.

Scan links

Scan links are web URLs which, when clicked, load the Inosscan web app and presents a "Process Scan" button. Clicking this button will process a scan an report the scan results to the user.

Scan links for Inosscan are sent to people via SMS or email.

Which scanning method?

Both NFC Tags and QR codes require the person to present, in person, to who ever is scanning for your event (this could be multiple people on multiple devices). A person may click on a scan link before they even leave home - clicking on a scan link isn't physical proof that a person is actually participating in your event.

The safest, most efficient and reliable way to scan is with NFC tags.

If you don't have access to NFC tags, you can get going with QR codes.

Scan links are the least safe method of scanning as people don't need to physically present to a scanner to scan. Scan links often aren't suitable for children as many don't carry a mobile device and the links are sent to their parents.

You can use scan links as a backup to NFC tags or QR codes for when people forget to complete their scan on leaving your event. Inosscan allows you to send second scan links to people who forgot to scan with their tag or QR code before leaving your event.