Import CSV - iOS

People can be imported using a CSV file. Two format options are supported by Inosscan:

Download a sample 4 column format CSV file

Download a sample 5 column format CSV file

Add the details of your people to a CSV file that complies to one of the above formats and load that file onto your iPhone.

Note that the "email" and "phone" fields are optional. Ensure you set the contact method to "None" if you have no contact information

From the Event Detail page select "Show event participants" then select "Import CSV".

Import CSV from Event Participants page

It's that easy. Inosscan will notify you if it finds any issues with your data or clashes with existing people.

New people will be created, changes to existing people will be recorded and event participants will be created or updated accordingly.

Note that you can also import people from the "People" page. Only people will be created/updated when you import from there.